About Me

I was born in Kabul (Afghanistan) and only a few months later my family fled from the communist regime in Afghanistan to germany. So i grew up in munich. After graduating from school, i went on studying computer science at the munich university of applied science.

Currently i’m employed as a product manager mobile for one of the biggest european online-marketplaces for automobiles.

My first contact with a real smartphone was by the end of 2001 with the R380e by ericsson, which was one of the first touch screen based smartphones on the market. It was quite innovative back then with its landscape format and EPOC operating system (preceding Symbian). After using it for some time and having seen the benefits of emails on the go and pim features like great contacts and calendar apps, i realised how much potential a touch screen based mobilephone user interface has.

During the past years i got hold of many different devices:

And many more…

Thanks to the support of different mobile carriers this list is continuously expanding with new testdevices.

I’m keeping up with the very fast living smartphone market since 2001 now, and by having owned devices with all kinds of different OS over those years, i think that i have gained quite some first hand experience that would be interesting to share.

After all this time in researching smartphone development as well as mobile operating systems, a colleague asked me why i didn’t have any web presence about this topic since i have built up a lot of knowledge. This was the point where i decided that a blog to share my experience and thoughts with the internet community could be a very interesting experience, and started to work on smartphoneblogging.com.

This blog provides in-depth hardware and software reviews in order to give the reader a detailed understanding about the differences between the most important mobile operating systems as well as their eco systems. My articles are not aimed at smartphone experts exclusively, but written for readers with different knowledge levels. The main goal is to provide in-depth information while keeping everything understandable for a wide audience.

I look forward to discus the latest mobile developments with you.

Best regards,