Review: Tech21 Impact Snap Case with Cover for iPhone 5

When it comes to smartphones I’m not a big fan of using covers, but there are some instances where it makes sense to add extra protection for your phone. If you are carrying your phone in a bag like a lot of women do, it will share the space with a lot of other things like keys, pens or makeup which will easily ruin the smartphone display. So after I bought an iPhone 5 for my wife it was time to check the available cases. There were two things the sought case had to provide: protecting the device completely, without adding too much bulk. I ended up with the Tech21 Impact Snap Case with cover.

The Tech21 Impact Snap case is not only adding shock-absorbing protection to the backside of your iPhone 5 but also comes with a cover for the display.

There are two different materials used for the cover and the case. While the case is made of very nice and sturdy feeling polycarbonate, Tech21 opted for a leather cover with a soft cloth material on the inside to protect the display.

Putting the iPhone into the case is very easy and it fits perfectly. All important plugs can be used with the cover on, which is important if you don’t plan to take off the cover all the time.

The left and right sides are completely covered. Volume controls can only be used when the cover is open.

Speaking of the open cover, one of the setbacks of this case is the fact that the cover is pretty loose when opened and turned around completely. It’s not really comfortable to hold. And there is also no integrated magnet in the case and cover to keep it shut. So it can open in your bag if there is too much space.

The good thing is that the case is slim and it just feels good in your hand. It might not be as cheap as some of the other covers out there, but the high quality feel is a good match to the iPhone 5, so it’s well worth the price tag. Overall I’m very happy with the Tech21 Impact Snap case, as it provides all the protection needed and at the same time still manages to look good on your iPhone 5 without adding a lot of bulk. To me this is just so much better than all of those other leather and plastic cases out there which have to be combined with separate display covers. The Tech21 Impact Snap case with cover is available in white and black versions for the iPhone 5.

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