Review: YouTube App for Windows Mobile

Recently google released their free youtube application for windows mobile devices. Let’s take a closer look at this software, which i tested using my xda orbit 2 and the official windows mobile 6.1 rom. A lot of windows mobile users have problems with viewing flash content, because most browsers don’t support them. There are some hacks out there, but they never worked for me. Even the built in streaming player wasn’t working correctly.

After installing the new YouTube app (which needs about 1,5 MB of free space), i’m happy to see that the youtube app is working perfectly in this regard. I have no problem viewing any video now.

Youtube mobile start screen
Youtube mobile start screen

The user interface is kept simple and intuitive. The startscreen will show the search bar, top videos, most viewed and most recently added videos. After starting a search the next screen will show all results.

YouTube mobile result page
YouTube mobile result page

The result page shows thumbnails of the found videos, as well as further information like ratings. On the search result list you can scroll through the results and view basic informations about each video. When opening a video, the screen will automatically switch to potrait view.

YouTube mobile playback
YouTube mobile playback

The video playback screen has a volume button, and the regular playback options like fast forward, pause and play. The viewing screen provides the standard playback options and volume control. Every button is big enough to be used comfortably.

I played around with this app for some days now, and i really like it. Finding videos on youtube is very easy and the app is very fast. So this is really the solution for any windows mobile user which couldn’t get their device to play any flash movies. At least for viewing youtube content.

You can find further information about this app on the official googlemobile blog.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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