Review: Batti for Windows Mobile

One of my favourite utilities i’m using for some years now is called Batti. The standard wm battery indicator doesn’t really show any details about the battery status. Depending on the wm device the icon shows the status in 25% steps or even bigger.

I want to know the status of the battery in much more detail, and i want to see it on every screen. This is where Batti can help out.

Batti bar at the top of the screen
Batti bar at the top of the screen

If you take a look at the screenshot above, you will notice a very small green line at the top of the windows tray.

This is actually the battery indicator from batti, which shows the status on a pixel accurate basis. So using batti won’t take any space from other icons which need to be shown on the tray, but at the same time it will be visible on each screen.

There are many options available to configure batti to your own needs. Let’s start off with the general options.

Batti general options
Batti general options

You can choose to activate blinking on a critical level, always showing the indicator on top and more. There is also the option to show an icon on the tray in order to open the app menu easily.

Batti advanced options
Batti advanced options

The advanced options tab will give you the possibility to specify on which charge levels the color of the indicator should change, as well as defining actions for different events (like an alarm sound if the battery level is beneath a specified level).

Batti color options
Batti color options

Finally you can setup the appearance options for batti, like the colors for each battery level, the height of the indicator bar, the left margin and if there should be a slim frame around the indicator.

In my opinion this is still the best battery indicator app for windows mobile, and its for free. The best thing is that it doesn’t take ANY space on the windows icon tray, and at the same time it will show a more detailed look at your battery than any battery icon out there.

If you still haven’t replaced your standard battery icon, then you should do it now. At least give batti a try, it is really one of the best free utilities. You can find more informations and the download file on the batti homepage.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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