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Review: HTC Titan (Mango Windows Phone, 4.7 inch display)

Some years ago mobile phone manufacturers competed in creating the smallest device not much larger than a credit card when it comes to lenght and width. Nowadays the race has changed, as it seems like smartphones are getting bigger year-over-year especially due to the display size. HTCs Titan is a prime example of the current […]


Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Beta 2 – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Integration

On my Windows Phone 7.5 Mango review i mentioned how social media services will be integrated tightly into the peoples hub. The first Mango beta already provided the Facebook sync but Twitter and LinkedIn were not yet available. Recently Microsoft pushed out a Mango beta 2 update which activates the complete social media sync including […]

Windows Phone 7.5 – Mango has been released to manufacturing

Microsoft just announced on the official WP7 blog, that the Mango update has archieved RTM status. So Windows Phone 7 users should see the first devices updated by fall. This is great news because the mango update is introducing about 500 new features and tweaks including Multitasking, Bing turn-by-turn navigation, tight social media integration and […]


Review: Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Beta – Microsoft strikes back

Microsoft got a lot of praise for their new Windows Phone operating system, and rightfully so because WP7 represents a fresh, innovative and unique mobile OS approach that is easy to understand while still being effective. Most people didn’t expect such a major reboot after so many years of Windows Mobile stagnation. But like all […]