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Windows Mobile 6.5

Review: HTC Sense for Windows Mobile (HTC HD2)

One of the main reasons for me try out Android, after being an Windows Mobile user for many years, was HTC Sense. I never really liked the pure Android experience, as it was a little bit too bland for me….

Review: HTC HD2 Hardware Impressions

I was really impressed by a smartphone for the first time, when i got an MDA Compact (aka HTC Magician) many years ago. Back then the HTC Magician represented the high-end mobile experience for tech-savvy users, as you had a…

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Windows Mobile 6.5 preview

Today i’d like to share my impressions about the upcoming release of windows mobile 6.5. The first devices with wm 6.5 preinstalled should be available by the end of this year. OSNN.NET posted an interesting hands-on preview for windows mobile…