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New Android device: HTC Hero and HTC Sense impressions

The HTC Hero, which has been announced by HTC recently, is the first Android device which has the potential to be up to par with the newest Windows Mobile devices like the HTC Touch Diamond 2. Because this time HTC actually overhauled the default Android UI and replaced it with what they call “HTC Sense“. […]

IPhone 3G S

Iphone 3G S impressions

So Apple finally released their IPhone 3G S to the public. And it wasn’t the big bang as a lot of Apple fans hoped for. The new IPhone is not a revolution, but merely an evolution of the old versions. Some issues like the missing copy&paste function and mms support were fixed. And the hardware […]

Official BlackBerry Tour product page

Blackberry has released their official product page for the BlackBerry Tour. Well seems like it doesn’t have a touchscreen after all. Thats really bad, because i would have loved to see a BlackBerry device with this formfactor and a full qwerty, sporting a touchscreen for a better internet browsing experience. Also the Tour will be […]

Palm Pre review on engadget

Engadget published a very nice and informative in-depth review of the Palm Pre. They take a closer look at the hardware as well as the OS and the applications. The new webOS looks like a winner, and the touchscreen seems to be incredibly sharp and clear. Reading through the review, there are some issues which […]

BlackBerry Storm 2 hands-on engadget

Seems like engadget got their hands on a blackberry storm 2 device. And to me the biggest news is, that BlackBerry got rid of their SurePress-Touchscreen and replaced it with a capacitive touchscreen. Thanks for that, i really hated the way we had to press the screen on the storm. But the storm 2 still […]

Palm Pre release date officially announced

Finally Palm announced the u.s. release date for the Palm Pre which is set at june 6th. Check out the official Palm blog. The price tag is at $199.99 (after rebate and service agreement) on sprint only. Without any contract/sim lock the price is rumored to be about $500, which is pretty up to par […]

Windows Mobile 6.5 preview

Today i’d like to share my impressions about the upcoming release of windows mobile 6.5. The first devices with wm 6.5 preinstalled should be available by the end of this year. OSNN.NET posted an interesting hands-on preview for windows mobile 6.5, where you can check out the new features and first impressions based on a […]

The Palm Pre, hit or miss?

When palm showed of their new device on the consumer electronics show in january i was very impressed. After viewing the key notes and checking out all new features of the palm pre i could even imagine switching from windows mobile to the new palm device and webOS, because windows mobile has stalled for the […]