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Review: HTC Titan (Mango Windows Phone, 4.7 inch display)

Some years ago mobile phone manufacturers competed in creating the smallest device not much larger than a credit card when it comes to lenght and width. Nowadays the race has changed, as it seems like smartphones are getting bigger year-over-year…

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HTC Nexus One vs. Samsung Nexus S: Which manufacturer should deliver the next Google phone?

Rumours about the Nexus Prime aka Galaxy Nexus have been floating around for months as Google is preparing their next major Android update called ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’. All evidence points to Samsung being again the manufacturer of choice, even though…

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Review: HTC Sensation Hardware Impressions

Everybody has been waiting for HTC to release it’s first dual core CPU smartphone. While other manufacturers offer dual core devices for quite some time now, HTC hesitated to push the envelope on their phones hardware specs until now. The…