Category: Windows Phone Software

Review: Skyfire browser for Windows Mobile

The windows mobile platform has plenty of browser options available by now. Besides the big names like internet explorer and opera mobile, there are other windows mobile browser out there which deserve to be taken into consideration. I will start with the review of skyfire today, which is one of the better known browsers on […]

Review: Opera Mobile 9.5 for Windows Mobile

Only a few years ago i couldn’t imagine that i could be ever surfing the net comfortably on my mobile device. But then apple launched the IPhone and set a new standard for mobile surfing and user interface with their safari browser. Soon afterwards the first HTC devices like the touch diamond emerged preinstalled with […]

Review: Calendar plus for Windows Mobile

This is another review of an essential windows mobile today plugin for business user. We are going to take a deeper look into calendar plus, which enhances the standard calendar view on the today screen. I never understood why microsoft decided to give you only very limited options for the upcoming appointments on the today […]

Review: Google Mobile App for Windows Mobile

Google is definitely pushing their mobile apps output recently. The new gmail app for android devices and the iphone is looking very promising. Since there hasn’t been any announcement for an windows mobile version yet, we have to be patient. But im hoping that there will be an opera mobile optimized version of gmail soon. […]

Review: YouTube App for Windows Mobile

Recently google released their free youtube application for windows mobile devices. Let’s take a closer look at this software, which i tested using my xda orbit 2 and the official windows mobile 6.1 rom. A lot of windows mobile users have problems with viewing flash content, because most browsers don’t support them. There are some […]