Category: Windows Phone reviews

Review: Twikini (Twitter App) for Windows Mobile

Using Twitter on a mobile device makes perfectly sense, since there is no easier way of publishing your latest thoughts on the go. But like most mobile versions of internet services (Twitter, Facebook) i’m not really satisfied with the official Twitter mobile site ( So i started to search for native Windows Mobile apps. Twikini […]

Review: NetFront browser for Windows Mobile

Besides Opera Mobile, Iris and Skyfire there is another big name in the long list of Windows Mobile browsers called NetFront. NetFront has been longer around than other browsers like Iris, and therefore is quite sophisticated. Currently Access (the company behind NetFront) provides a public concept version of NetFront 3.5 for Windows Mobile. Can it […]

Review: Opera Mobile 9.7 Beta for Windows Mobile

Opera released the public beta of Opera Mobile 9.7 recently, and i have been using it since day one, so it’s time for a round up. This review will emphasize on the differences between the previous versions and the most recent 9.7 build. For more in-depth information about all general features of Opera Mobile check […]

Review: MyPhone service (beta) for Windows Mobile

Originally i planned to publish my review of the “MyPhone” Beta from Microsoft much earlier. But i encountered a few issues with it, and decided to review some other windows mobile apps first. Namely “Facebook” and “PockeTwit”. But finally it’s “MyPhones” turn now, so let’s see how good the beta is. Nowadays having backups of […]

Review: Skyfire browser for Windows Mobile

The windows mobile platform has plenty of browser options available by now. Besides the big names like internet explorer and opera mobile, there are other windows mobile browser out there which deserve to be taken into consideration. I will start with the review of skyfire today, which is one of the better known browsers on […]