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Hello everyone, it has been six months now since i started my smartphone blog to deliver in-depth reviews about smartphone apps. Originally i started using googles blogspot service, but quickly realised that i need my own domain and wordpress to realize all of my ideas. My first aim was to use a very simple and […]

Windows Mobile 6.5 preview

Today i’d like to share my impressions about the upcoming release of windows mobile 6.5. The first devices with wm 6.5 preinstalled should be available by the end of this year. OSNN.NET posted an interesting hands-on preview for windows mobile 6.5, where you can check out the new features and first impressions based on a […]

The Palm Pre, hit or miss?

When palm showed of their new device on the consumer electronics show in january i was very impressed. After viewing the key notes and checking out all new features of the palm pre i could even imagine switching from windows mobile to the new palm device and webOS, because windows mobile has stalled for the […]

IPhone 3G S

Pros&cons of the Iphone

We have to give apple credit for actually introducing a touch screen device to the mass market. In the pre-iphone era you could primarily find either geeks or business users working with touchscreen/stylus devices. There wasn’t any average mobile phone user interested in that kind of devices. But apple did the seemingly impossible: they developed […]

Hello world

Hello everybody, So this is my first post. Let me explain quickly what my plans for the next weeks are. I’m planning to start off with a little review collection of my favourite windows mobile apps and tools. Since i’m a smartphone (Windows Mobile, Symbian, Epoc) user for about 7 years now, i think there […]