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Review: Microsoft Surface 2 RT

When Microsoft presented the Windows Surface RT I instantly loved the hardware design and could see a lot of potential in combination with the touch cover and Microsoft Office. A lot of reviewers where more skeptical and the sales numbers have proved that the customers didn’t get the Surface as a product. Having a pro […]

Matias Duarte (Director User Experience Android) speaks about Android versus iOS UI

Techcrunch just published some tidbits about their recently held Mobile First CrunchUp. During the talks Matias Duarte (who switched from Palms webOS design lead to Google and became Director of User Experience for Android) was asked why iOS apps look better than most Android apps. His answer was: “Why are Sicilians more handsome than other […]

Windows Phone 7.5 – Mango has been released to manufacturing

Microsoft just announced on the official WP7 blog, that the Mango update has archieved RTM status. So Windows Phone 7 users should see the first devices updated by fall. This is great news because the mango update is introducing about 500 new features and tweaks including Multitasking, Bing turn-by-turn navigation, tight social media integration and […]

10 misconceptions about Android fragmentation

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona just closed it’s doors, and while there weren’t any big surprises, we got to see quite a large number of new Android devices. Looking into the technical specs of those phones makes one of the biggest problems Android currently faces obvious: fragmentation. A variety of devices sporting Android 2.2 […]


Mobile World Congress 2010 (MWC) – A tech bloggers recap

The Mobile World Congress 2010 closed its gates recently, and we got plenty of interesting stuff to see. Android gained a lot of speed due to many new device announcements, Nokia suprised most people with the decision to fuse their Meamo OS with Intels mobile OS, but Microsoft actually had the biggest news day with […]