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Review: Batti for Windows Mobile

One of my favourite utilities i’m using for some years now is called Batti. The standard wm battery indicator doesn’t really show any details about the battery status. Depending on the wm device the icon shows the status in 25%…

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Review: YouTube App for Windows Mobile

Recently google released their free youtube application for windows mobile devices. Let’s take a closer look at this software, which i tested using my xda orbit 2 and the official windows mobile 6.1 rom. A lot of windows mobile users…

Pros&cons of the Iphone

We have to give apple credit for actually introducing a touch screen device to the mass market. In the pre-iphone era you could primarily find either geeks or business users working with touchscreen/stylus devices. There wasn’t any average mobile phone…

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Pros&cons of the Windows Mobile platform

Currently there are a lot of smartphones on the market which all have their pros and cons. Since i’m searching for a follow-up device to my current XDA Orbit2 for many months now, i think it’s time to make a…


Hello world

Hello everybody, So this is my first post. Let me explain quickly what my plans for the next weeks are. I’m planning to start off with a little review collection of my favourite windows mobile apps and tools. Since i’m…