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Google rolls out Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich update for GSM/ UMTS Nexus S devices

Google announced yesterday via Twitter that the ICS update has started to roll out to all GSM Nexus S smartphones. Finally the wait is over and Nexus S customer got what was promised: quick updates directly from Google. Being among the first users to get an Android update is one of the main USPs of Nexus devices so it’s good to see that Google was quicker this time compared to the last major update. Nexus One users had to wait much longer to get their Gingerbread updates after the Nexus S was released.

I flashed the update yesterday manually by downloading the official update zipfile (check this XDA Forum Topic for details) and I’m very impressed. The whole user interface looks significantly better now, Matias Duarte and his team really delivered with this update. The whole UX is much more consistent, unique, stylish and modern.

Nearly all apps have been redesigned, and the home screen is very fluid even with a live wallpaper. I’ll publish an in-depth ICS review in a few days, but you can already check out a lot of Nexus S IceCreamSandwich screenshots at the gallery section.