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Year: 2010

Review: LG E900 Optimus 7 (Windows Phone 7) Hardware Impressions

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS went gold recently and LG was among the first manufacturers to launch a Windows Phone 7 device. Since the first time Microsoft showed off their new smartphone OS i was really eager to get my…

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Nexus One SLCD vs. Nexus One AMOLED showdown – which screen technology is better?

AMOLED screens are all the rage nowadays, as it seems like every smartphone manufacturer is eager to use an AMOLED screen on their flagship device. The main display provider for the market is currently Samsung. So everbody depends on their…

Review: Android 2.2 (FroYo) for Nexus One

Not much time ago i bought an HTC Desire and I was very happy with it, except for the AMOLED display which i don’t really like. But despite the great overall experience with the HTC Desire, i couldn’t shake off…

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Review: New HTC Sense features on HTC Desire

As a previous HTC Hero user i was waiting for an Android 2.1 update for a very long time. It seems like the european HTC Hero will finally see the update now, but i couldn’t wait and got my hands…

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Review: HTC Desire Hardware Impressions

Shortly after Google presented the Nexus One (manufactured by HTC), the HTC Desire was also officially announced as another Android flagship device. Both smartphones might have very similar hardware specs, but looking at the software side it’s clear that we…

Review: HTC Sense for Windows Mobile (HTC HD2)

One of the main reasons for me try out Android, after being an Windows Mobile user for many years, was HTC Sense. I never really liked the pure Android experience, as it was a little bit too bland for me….

Review: HTC HD2 Hardware Impressions

I was really impressed by a smartphone for the first time, when i got an MDA Compact (aka HTC Magician) many years ago. Back then the HTC Magician represented the high-end mobile experience for tech-savvy users, as you had a…

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Review: NewsRob (RSS/ Google Reader sync) for Android

There are a selected few Android apps which i really use on a daily basis. I’m planning to write reviews about those essential Android apps on a regular basis, and the first one i would like to present is called…

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Review: Swift (Twitter app) for Android

There are many Twitter clients to be found on the Android marketplace. One of my favourite one is called Swift. Some Twitter apps out there may have a better looking UI, but none of them is as fast as Swift….

Mobile World Congress 2010 (MWC) – A tech bloggers recap

The Mobile World Congress 2010 closed its gates recently, and we got plenty of interesting stuff to see. Android gained a lot of speed due to many new device announcements, Nokia suprised most people with the decision to fuse their…