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A longterm Windows Mobile user switching to Android – Part 3: HTC Hero size comparison picture gallery

As announced i uploaded some HTC Hero comparison screenshots with a Tmobile G1 and an HTC Touch Diamond. It’s no surprise that the HTC Hero is slimmer than the G1, since it sports no hardware keyboard. One thing i noticed it that the display of the HTC Hero is embedded deeper within the device frame, which i don’t like that much compared to the IPhone 3GS or the G1 it seems kind of strange. The HTC Hero display seems to be more sensitive, so HTC definetly made some improvements there. Both screens have nearly the same maximum brightness, but i like the warmer color tone of the HTC Hero device more. The device frame using the teflon coating also feels more valuable and high quality in your hand, while the G1 has a cheaper plastic feel to it.

The next big part of my series is about HTC Sense. It’s an in-depth review with screenshots of ALL HTC Sense apps. Before buying a HTC Hero i read many reviews, but none of them really provided all widgets layouts, so this is something i intend to do in part 5 of my review series. I think this is very interesting to know, and that’s why i made screenshots of every single widget type. Check out this little picture gallery of the HTC Hero to get some more impressions of the device size and display compared to the first Android device, the TMobile G1 and the HTC Touch Diamond 2.

Part 4 of my review series is online: check out my huge in-depth HTC Sense review.