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Month: June 2009

Iphone 3G S impressions

So Apple finally released their IPhone 3G S to the public. And it wasn’t the big bang as a lot of Apple fans hoped for. The new IPhone is not a revolution, but merely an evolution of the old versions….

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Review: MyPhone service (beta) for Windows Mobile

Originally i planned to publish my review of the “MyPhone” Beta from Microsoft much earlier. But i encountered a few issues with it, and decided to review some other windows mobile apps first. Namely “Facebook” and “PockeTwit”. But finally it’s…

BlackBerry news

Official BlackBerry Tour product page

Blackberry has released their official product page for the BlackBerry Tour. Well seems like it doesn’t have a touchscreen after all. Thats really bad, because i would have loved to see a BlackBerry device with this formfactor and a full…

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Palm Pre review on engadget

Engadget published a very nice and informative in-depth review of the Palm Pre. They take a closer look at the hardware as well as the OS and the applications. The new webOS looks like a winner, and the touchscreen seems…

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Opera Mobile 9.7 beta for Windows Mobile is out

The public beta of Opera Mobile 9.7 for windows mobile has been released. Check out the official Opera Mobile page for the download. I already installed the app the the first impression is not bad at all. Stay tuned for…

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Review: Facebook for Windows Mobile

Not too much time ago microsoft released a native facebook app for windows mobile. Interestingly facebook made their own Iphone app, but it seems like they weren’t too keen on releasing one for windows mobile. That’s why microsoft had to…