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Month: May 2009

BlackBerry news

BlackBerry Storm 2 hands-on engadget

Seems like engadget got their hands on a blackberry storm 2 device. And to me the biggest news is, that BlackBerry got rid of their SurePress-Touchscreen and replaced it with a capacitive touchscreen. Thanks for that, i really hated the…

HP WebOS HP WebOS news

Palm Pre release date officially announced

Finally Palm announced the u.s. release date for the Palm Pre which is set at june 6th. Check out the official Palm blog. The price tag is at $199.99 (after rebate and service agreement) on sprint only. Without any contract/sim…

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Review: PockeTwit (Twitter app) for Windows Mobile

I have to admit that my first experience with twitter wasn’t the best one. I opened an account and started to tweet about some random things, but quickly came to the conclusion that using twitter alone doesn’t really make any…

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Which Opera Mobile 9 build for Windows Mobile is the best?

After reviewing some browsers recently, i came across the Opera Mobile page a few times coincidently while surfing the net. My review of Opera Mobile 9.5 was based on an older extracted cab-file from a rom, so i thought that…

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Review: Iris browser for Windows Mobile

The Iris browser is not as widespread as Opera Mobile, Netfront or Skyfire but it’s still one of the more useful windows mobile browsers out there. Iris is using the webkit engine to render pages, which is the same rendering…

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Review: Skyfire browser for Windows Mobile

The windows mobile platform has plenty of browser options available by now. Besides the big names like internet explorer and opera mobile, there are other windows mobile browser out there which deserve to be taken into consideration. I will start…