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Review: Calendar plus for Windows Mobile

This is another review of an essential windows mobile today plugin for business user. We are going to take a deeper look into calendar plus, which enhances the standard calendar view on the today screen.

I never understood why microsoft decided to give you only very limited options for the upcoming appointments on the today screen. On windows mobile 6.1 you can only decide if you want to see the next upcoming appointment or all appointments of the current day. This is just not acceptable for any serious user, since anybody who has a tight schedule will agree that you need to see more appointment information on the today screen than only the current day.

While there are dozens of paid apps available on the market, there is one little free plugin called calendar plus which is in my opinion still the best out there when it comes to usability and clearness.

Calendar plus on today screen
Calendar plus on today screen

First of all it’s possible to decide how many days of upcoming appointments you want to see. I usually set the value to two weeks, because a lot of times i have meetings which need more than only a few hours of preparation. Therefore its good to see the next two weeks directly on the today screen.

Another great feature of calendar plus is that you can choose between many layouts, which vary in the onscreen details. Some show the upcoming meetings and their location, while other layouts give you only the appointments in order to save on-screen space. Additionally it’s possible to set the font size of the headers and appointments. You can also activate/deactivate line breaks for appointments if needed.

Calendar plus layout options
Calendar plus layout options

Even new today plugins like the TouchFLO3D apps from HTC don’t give you that much options, so calendar plus might be not as flashy as other solutions but it’s still on of the most efficient calendar plugins.

You can find the download for the plugin on the calendar plus homepage.

Rating: ★★★★½