smart thoughts on smart phones


Hello world

Hello everybody,

So this is my first post.

Let me explain quickly what my plans for the next weeks are. I’m planning to start off with a little review collection of my favourite windows mobile apps and tools. Since i’m a smartphone (Windows Mobile, Symbian, Epoc) user for about 7 years now, i think there should be some interesting things i can say about the pocket pc world.

Hopefully those reviews will help new windows mobile user to fully understand and utilize the potential of their devices. The iphone hype is still up there, but windows mobile has advantages in a lot of areas too.

The apps/tools will range from free today plugins like calendar+ to professional applications like pocket informant.

Of course i will be posting some random thoughts about the most recent smartphone news too, since there is currently really a lot of stuff going on in the market. Palm is preparing their Palm Pre launch, apple will be presenting the new iphone and it seems like every player has learned a lesson from apple and will be providing an own version of the app store. Especially microsoft could finally get the deserved focus on their vast amount of windows mobile apps.

That’s all for today.

I hope to get my first reviews online next weekend.

It would be great to get some feedback from readers about my first reviews and thoughts about the market situation and the big players in the coming months.